Point of Sale

We have answers to your point of sale questions.

Where can "cottage foods" be sold?

Cottage food products may only be sold direct to consumers. Products can be sold at farmers markets; fairs, festivals, public events, or online; picked up from the private home or farm of the cottage food operator, if the pickup is not prohibited by any law of the unit of local government that applies equally to all cottage food operations in a municipality with a population of 1,000,000 or more, a cottage food operator shall comply with any law of the municipality that applies equally to all home-based businesses; via delivery to the customer; or picked up from a third-party private property with consent of the third-party property holder.

Can products be sold at year-round or indoor farmers markets?

Yes, as long as the products meet the "cottage food" requirements of the Public Act.

Can products be sold to a third-party business, such as local grocery stores or retail markets?

No, cottage foods cannot be sold to a retailer for resale or to a restaurant for use or sale in the restaurant. Cottage foods cannot be sold to wholesalers, brokers or other food distributors who will resell the cottage foods.

Can products be sold through a brokerage arrangement?

No. The cottage food operation must sell directly to consumers and cannot use an external party to act as a sales agent.

Can cottage food products be sold as part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?

Only if you are the sole provider of items in the CSA.