Butterfly Lifecycle

Day 3: What Is Molt?

Today we're going to find out what happens to our caterpillars when they start growing. Larva, molt, and instar. As the caterpillars start to grow, they shed part of their exoskeleton. 

Day 11: Chrysalis Move to New Home

Look at who's ready to move into their new home? Let's take our friends out of the cup and introduce them to their new butterfly pavilion.

Day 14: How Do Butterflies Eat?

Do you know how butterflies eat? Let's head outside and take a look at what it would be like to be an hungry butterfly ready for food.

Day 15: Emergence

Today is the day when our five butterflies emerge from their chrysalises! We have some fantastic close-up footage of them emerging. 

Day 16: What Do Our Butterflies Eat?

Today we're going to investigate what plants our monarch friends need and then take a close-up look at our butterflies diving in for a yummy snack.

Day 17: Releasing Our Butterflies

Our butterfly adventure is coming to a close, but not before we say goodbye to our special butterfly friends. Let's take one last look at our butterflies and watch as they head out into the world on their next adventure!