At Illinois Extension, we’re working to improve water quality at home and downstream. Every month, our Watershed Outreach Associates explore stories highlighting agricultural conservation practices, current research projects and results, and from the field farmer interviews. The Nutrient Loss Reduction blog covers conservation practices recommended by the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, timely updates, farm safety, and new decision tools to help farmers and producers reduce the nutrients leaving their field.

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Nutrient Loss Reduction Blog
Clover plants in a field

Uncovering the power of clover cover

Interested in diversifying your cover crop mix or exploring the power of clover cover? Episode 61 of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction podcast looks into utilizing clover as a cover crop with Adam Dahmer, farmer from Williamson County in southern Illinois, and...
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Rain falling on agricultural fields

When it rains, it pours

In the last few years, we have experienced several extreme weather events associated with climate change from droughts to intense rain events and flooding. Episode 59 of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Podcast explores the relationship between extreme precipitation events and nutrient loss in...
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