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You're always home at 4-H.

You've found a home in 4-H.

Regardless of who you are and the interests you bring, there’s a 4-H program where you belong and feel welcomed. Not everyone finds their way to 4-H through the same door. For some, they start by joining a club. Others are introduced to 4-H through a joint program with another youth-serving organization, while others may start their 4-H journey through an experience at 4-H camp or one of a dozen other conferences. However you've found us, know that you have a home. 

4-H’s learning opportunities are intentionally designed around four essential concepts necessary for positive youth development: a sense of belonging with a positive group, independence and self-determination, a spirit of generosity toward others, and a wide variety of opportunities to master life challenges. We're the friend you've been looking for.

What We Believe

BELONGING: We believe all youth can grow when they’re surrounded by people who are cheering for their success. That’s why we bring youth together in clubs, led by caring adults, who welcome them as part of a larger 4-H family.

INDEPENDENCE: We believe all youth should be active participants in their future and have opportunities for self-determination. That’s why we allow youth to choose their 4-H journey based on their own interests with opportunities for discovery, skill building, and leadership.

GENEROSITY: We believe all youth should see themselves playing a part in their community’s success, so they understand their value to the greater good in a global society. That’s why we provide both individual and collective opportunities to serve and help others.

MASTERY: We believe all youth should have many paths to learning, so they can master skills needed for happiness in family, career, and community. That’s why we provide mentors and opportunities for guided learning.


Why has 4-H survived and thrived for more than 100 years? It’s our foundational beliefs that guide every action, every policy, every opportunity, and every interaction.

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