Collective Tree Care

Community Tree Care Series
It takes a community to strengthen tree health.

Trees are a beautiful and vital part of our communities, providing many long-term benefits to the public. Trees impact the local environment,…

The Northern Saw-Whet Owl: Our Secretive Winter Neighbors

Everyday Environment Webinar Series
Unlock the secrets of Illinois’ smallest and most secretive owl species.

The northern saw-whet owl secretly lives in our backyards in the winter. Learn about the latest research, what researchers…

Land Leasing Basics

Legal Training for Illinois Small Farms
Don't risk losing the farm

Leasing farmland is so commonplace that landowners, farmers, and ranchers may not think twice about the lease itself until things go wrong. Prevent problems by using a…

Conservation Assistance Programs for Landowners Workshop

Your Land | Your Legacy series
County: Adams, Hancock, Brown, Pike, Schuyler

Conservation Assistance Programs for Landowners is a workshop providing an overview of state, federal, and non-profit programs that assist landowners with the implementation of conservation…

New Invaders: Spotted Lanternfly

Everyday Environment Webinar Series
Help keep invasives out of Illinois. 

Spotted lanternfly is the newest “unwanted” invasive pest in Illinois. Learn how to identify and report this invasive insect as well as how to manage it and…

Tree Care Workshop (Mattoon)

Community Tree Care Series
Put new tree care skills to the test. 

Each tree care workshop location session includes in-person, hands-on training during the time of year when tree care is applicable to apply learned skills…

Native Seed Starting for Spring Planting

Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series

Native plants are adapted to grow and survive in all types of Illinois weather, knowing how they grow will help you learn how to start native seeds for your own garden. Winter sowing is a…

Money in Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Tips for making your small business a success

Personal and professional finances often get mixed in the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Learn about best practices to manage your finances…

2024 Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Partnership Conference

Nutrient loss affects Illinois and those downstream

The 2024 Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, NLRS, Partnership Conference presents the latest updates to the NLRS and is open to Policy…



2024 Driftless Region Beef Conference

Adopt beef production practices that fit where you live.

Nearly 2.5 million cattle are in the driftless region of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. These states contain rolling hills, streams, and…