Permeable Surfaces

Let the water flow through permeable surfaces.

permeable surface for driveway

Permeable surfaces are made from materials which allow rainwater and snowmelt to infiltrate into the subsurface of soil or gravel below, unlike traditional pavements like concrete or asphalt which shed all water. The pavement materials can consist of interlocking or open pavers, porous concrete, porous asphalt, and others. These surfaces help to reduce flooding in urban and residential areas and improve local water quality.

Homeowners may be interested in installing a permeable driveway, sidewalk, or patio while municipalities may look more at the scale of permeable street or parking lot design. In either case, it is typically best to bring in a consultant to aid in the design process.  

Explore an Illinois permeable surface example: (photo

Stormwater@Home – Episode 4: Permeable Pavement

Water Quality Specialist Eliana Brown talks about permeable pavement, showcasing a driveway constructed from it and discussing its aspects..

Featuring: Eliana Brown and Lara Orr.

Image credit: Eliana Brown


Film credit: Abby Bobrow

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