Too Little Water

What do you do when the rains don't come?

While state climate trends point toward wetter conditions, Illinois can experience the opposite condition: drought. It is frustrating to have increased water bills and watering restrictions. The drought of 2012 and the drought of 2023 reinforced insights into the importance of water management and learning to manage your landscape with less water. We expect there will be more extreme swings in weather in the future, one week may supply a month’s worth of rain, followed by a month without a drop of precipitation. Illinois Extension helps you build resiliency for your home and community to plan for the extremes so you always have the water you need.


Water Conservation at Home


Conserving water can be simple with the right items in place and a few small habit changes. We all know the obvious “turn the water off” ways to save water, but what about considering water quality and how you can save some of the energy it takes to get water to your tap?