Take Action

Take your first step to a more sustainable future.

Knowing where to start is hard, so Illinois Extension provides resources and programs across the state to get you started on your rainfall management journey today. We take our guidance from nature itself and offer real solutions to managing water on your landscape. 

Start here.

  • Learn tips to managing stormwater on your property with these short Stormwater@Home videos.
  • Join a rainscaping workshop near you. Rainscaping includes the use of sustainable landscape design and management practices at both the household and community scales to prevent pollution from reaching water bodies by directing stormwater to be absorbed by plants and soils. 
  • Check out the water resources on the Extension Conservation@Home resource page. The site offers real solutions to support wildlife, build healthy soils, improve water quality, and promote biodiversity.
  • See how water impacts your lawn at ILIN Sea Grant's Lawn to Lake website.
  • Check out the many ways Extension is building sustainable communities
  • Explore Purdue's Rainscaping Education Program. The program provides training and resources on practices that can be installed in a residential setting or small-scale public spaces project. 
Stormwater@Home: The Series