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New Invaders: Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly is the newest “unwanted” invasive pest in Illinois. Learn how to identify and report this invasive insect as well as how to manage it and prevent further spread.

Tricia Bethke from The Morton Arboretum explores why monitoring for spotted lanternflies in winter is important and how you can help report invasives with early detection and rapid response.

This webinar was originally recorded on January 11, 2024.




0:00 Introduction

3:03 Invasive pest impacts

4:40 Prevention

6:00 Early detection

6:48 Pathways for Spotted Lanternfly into Illinois

11:58 Arrival in Illinois - don't panic

16:13 Spotted Lanternfly life cycle

32:55 How can you help?

43:28 Resources

45:13 Illinois Invasive Species Council