Buy Local

Build a 'Buy Local' campaign in your community.

Buy Local is sometimes associated with the locally-grown foods initiative; however, the overall philosophy is much broader. A clearer understanding of the term can help us better understand the impact of our buying patterns on the economic vitality of our own communities.

No one likes to see local businesses close their doors or vacant buildings scattered throughout the community. Have you considered how your own buying patterns may be contributing to these losses? If we want to keep our shopping options local, it is important to make conscious decisions to support local businesses. Buying local contributes to the recirculation of monies in the local community, in turn, slowing down the drain of resources leaving the community. Buying goods locally also enhances sales tax revenues in the community, which further supports our municipalities and county governments.

The money you spend to purchase even the smallest of items can have a direct impact on your local businesses, local job markets, local real estate markets, and the local tax base. By supporting local businesses you're also supporting the local charities, schools, and youth programs they contribute to. 

As consumers, we have the power to shape the future of our communities. For more information about starting a Buy Local campaign in your community, contact Susan Odum, Extension specialist in community development at

Watch a short video on the how a group in southern Illinois developed a Buy Local campaign for their community!

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Susan Odum

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