Sustainable Communities Initiative

Sustainable development in Illinois encounters challenges in balancing resource demand with responsible management. Transitioning to sustainable infrastructure involves substantial investment and planning, including upgrading existing structures for energy efficiency and developing new systems. Addressing these challenges requires collaboration among governments, businesses, communities, and individuals committed to a more sustainable future.

Great Lakes Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center
The mission of the Great Lakes Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center (Great Lakes TCTAC) is to support community organizations successfully navigate funding opportunities to access the resources they need to lead in the clean energy transition, pollution clean-up, and green workforce development.  University of Illinois Extension is partnering with Prairie Rivers Network  to support Illinois communities. 

Thriving Communities Webinar Series 
Extension host this ongoing series of webinars to help Illinois communities understand and access energy transition resources. Register here for upcoming webinars or visit our channel to view past content.

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