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Each year, elected and appointed government officials and administrators from across the state improve their knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities offered by University of Illinois Extension. Participants benefit from the advanced instruction and broad expertise that instructors bring to all our programming. In 2020, over 7800 local government officials, public sector professionals, and community leaders participated through webinars and program recordings.

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Upcoming Programs:

April 8 - Energy Transition Policy Considerations for Illinois

April 20 - Redistricting Process: The Political Future of Illinois (Rural Partners)

April 27 - Illinois Housing Development Authority: Assessing community need and building rural partnerships (Rural Partners)

April 29 - The First 100 Days of the Joe Biden Administration: The Future of the Democratic and Republican Parties (Rural Partners)

May 5 - Opportunity Act Update

May 20 - Freedom of Information Act 

May 25 - Poverty and Disparities: Person-centered Community Strategies for Vulnerable Populations

June 10 - Social Equity as an Ethical Priority in Public Administration

TBA June - Geothermal in Illinois: Overview and Technology

TBA July - Geothermal in Illinois: Policies and Projects

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2021 Webinars: Recordings Available in ARCHIVES

January - State and Federal Legislative Updates

February - Rural Partners Telehealth Webinar Series

March - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in Local Education Policy Series

March - Community Food Systems Rural Partners Webinar Series

2020 Webinars: Recordings Available in ARCHIVES

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January 23 – State Legislative Update

January 30 - Federal Legislative Update

February 20 - Using a “Stress Testing” Approach to Measuring the Fiscal Sustainability of Local Governments

March 26 – Preparing for Extreme Weather

April 3 - COVID-19 Update for Local Officials

April 9 – Spring Thaw: Ticks, Disease, Public Health, and Landscaping Practices

April 23 - Inclusion: Disabilities in Workforce Development Programming

May 1 - COVID-19 Update: HR and Worker's Compensation for Local Officials

June 5 - COVID-19 Response: Cutback Budgeting for Local Officials 

June 18 - Diversity, Equity, and Green Infrastructure

July 15 - Fiscal and Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Illinois

July 16 - Racial Equity: From Agency-wide Initiatives to Social Service Delivery Programs

August 6 - Public Service Motivation

August 20 - Energy Policy and Programs in Illinois (Part 1) Elevate Energy and Citizens Utility Board

August 27 - Energy Policy and Programs in Illinois (Part 2) Ameren

September 10 - Energy Policy and Programs in Illinois (Part 3) ComEd

September 29 - Going Global: ISTEP and CARES Act Funding for Illinois Small Business Exporters: Southern Region Updates

October 8 - The Impacts of Dollar General on Rural Illinois Communities

October 22 - Workforce Investment Opportunity Areas and Offerings in Illinois

October 29 - Illinois Municipal Budgets: During and After COVID-19

November 10 - The 2020 Presidential and Congressional Elections: Rural America’s Impact and Stake

November 10 - Export assistance and leveraged programs under CARES Act for small businesses in Illinois

Recordings Available in ARCHIVES