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As Issues Evolve, So Should Leadership

As a county official, it's easy to get busy with the day-to-day operation of your communities and lose sight of new emerging challenges. Extension can help by sorting through the many programs and focusing on issues that matter to you and your community. In our online educational webinars learn the latest governmental updates and opportunities. By investing in yourself, you're better able to serve the people who count on you: your employees, your business owners, your constituents, and your colleagues.

Join the next cohort

Learn management, communication, and data analysis skills you need to guide your team. The next Illinois Extension Leadership Academy begins soon. The curriculum is designed for county officials who want to explore new ideas and learn practical methods that are relevant to current issues, challenges, and opportunities across the state.


There are no fees for meals, materials, or lodging, but you must apply to participate. Participation is limited to 30 individuals.

Attend the meetings

The five interactive sessions are structured to allow participants to learn, share, and apply on a variety of topics, both cutting edge and practical. It's required to attend at least four of the five instructional sessions. Complete the evaluation and be recognized at a dinner ceremony hosted by UCCI at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield.

Trainings include

Understanding Leadership Styles | Leadership Fundamentals | Age Matters | Managing Change | Data for Decisionmakers | Economic Development | Reversing the Exodus | Crisis Communications | Deliberative Democracy | Ethical Considerations | State's Attorneys and County Boards | Applying Leadership Learning | Fiscal and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 | Racial Equity | Disaster Preparedness

About the Leadership Academy

Created in 1995, the academy was developed by University of Illinois in partnership with the United Counties Council of Illinois to provide leadership skills training on issues which are important to county elected and appointed officials. For anyone seeking to manage and lead more effectively, the academy offers a learning network and connection to cutting edge information.

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Endorsements from Past Participants

“This was a wonderful opportunity to learn new material that can be directly applied to the position, and work with and learn from other participants. This experience has given me contacts around the state that I can go to.”

“The Leadership Academy gave me insight into how to relate to others effectively. I also gained valuable experience in parliamentary procedure, diplomatic relations, and the fiscal health of the state and my county in relation to the state."

"The information allowed me to be more connected to other elected officials and gave a macro/micro understanding of their roles. The trending information that the Leadership Academy provided was very current and beneficial for where we are in government."

-Leadership Academy Participants

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