Program Opportunities


Making changes at the family, organization and community level takes time.

That's where Illinois Nutrition Education Programs steps in. We are here to make it easier for you with research-based solutions and strategies. Working with us is free of charge to your organization or community.

To improve the health of Illinois families and communities, INEP has three goals:

  • Improve healthy eating and physical activity choices of limited-resource Illinois families to reduce the risk of chronic diseases

  • Increase access to healthy foods for Illinois families to reduce food insecurity

  • Create community collaborations and partnerships focused on obesity prevention

Partnerships begin by discussing your organization's unique needs and what programs and services INEP has to offer. Then, we work together to determine the best strategies to make the greatest impact.

Available programming options from Illinois Nutrition Education Programs include:

  • Youth, adult, and family healthy lifestyle education through in-person classes, other educational opportunities, and online resources

  • Assistance with identifying and creating new healthy policies, systems, and environmental changes for your organization or community

  • Organizational staff and volunteer professional development

By providing solutions through in-person lessons and online resources and collaborating with organizations and communities to promote healthier settings and choices, Illinois Nutrition Education Programs makes the healthy choice an easier choice where families eat, learn, live, shop, and play.


Illinois Nutrition Education Programs works with you to reach Illinois families and communities in need with high quality, effective programming to improve health.

  • 1 in 8 Illinois households live in poverty

  • 13.3% of Illinois households receive SNAP benefits

  • 9 in 10 Illinois adults do not meet minimum vegetable intake recommendations

  • 6 in 7 Illinois adults do not meet minimum fruit intake recommendations

  • 31.8% of Illinois adults are obese


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