Allowed Mushroom Products


Allowable items at Illinois farmers markets

(Provided any applicable Cottage Food and other known regulations are followed). This list is not all-inclusive.

This list has been confirmed by mushroom farmers, state health department officials, and Extension educators as reasonable and safe to sell at farmers markets and through other outlets. Consult your local Extension office or health department with further questions as new mushroom products come online all the time and need to be evaluated individually and fairly for sale.

Safe to sell

  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Grow kits (block farming bags that have yet to be exposed to fruiting conditions like light, humidity and airflow)
  • Tinctures/extracts (in compliance with FDA supplements rules)
  • Dried mushroom powders/teas (in compliance with Illinois Cottage Food Law/FDA supplement rules)
  • Mushroom hot sauces (in compliance with IL Cottage Food law or else having been made in a commercial kitchen)
  • Pickled mushrooms (following Cottage Food pickling guidelines)
  • Mushroom inoculation materials such as plug spawn, sawdust spawn, grain spawn, and others

There will likely be many exceptions and additions to this list, but this provide a baseline of knowledge for farmers market managers, health department officials, and growers.