Training and Events


Currently, Illinois does not have a training program to certify people to become state-trained wild mushroom pickers that would allow them to sell at their local markets, nor does the Illinois Farmers Market Association allow for the sale of wild mushrooms at any market. Iowa and Wisconsin now have training programs:

Although Illinois does not allow this, other states are pioneering the way forward and this could be a model for Illinois in the future if Illinois residents and stakeholders see a demand.

Recent Webinars

Two recent webinars provide a good start to growing mushrooms.

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

On this week’s Good Growing podcast we talk with Illinois Extension local foods educator Nick Frillman about growing gourmet shiitake mushrooms in your own backyard. Nick shows us the tools and methods used to turn fresh cut logs of white oak and sugar maple into inoculated “bolts” that will...

Mushroom Production on Small Farms

Direct market farmers, homesteaders, land-owners, hobby farms, and backyard growers can learn practices to improve production and increase profit.

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