Mushroom Blogs

shitake mushrooms

Cultivation of shiitake mushrooms on hardwood logs dates back at least 1000 years in Japan. After button mushrooms, the shiitake mushroom is the most commonly cultivated mushroom in the world, according to Cornell University. Despite their high retail cost, growing shiitake mushrooms is achievable at home without great expense.

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morel mushrooms

The biggest draw for most morel hunters is the culinary delight these elusive fungi provide.  They are truly delicious, adding a unique taste of nature to any dish or sufficing nicely on their own as a tasty side dish. 

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mushrooms in hand

Mushrooms favor cool air temperatures and ample soil moisture, and we have had that for weeks. The decay of organic matter is natural and should be expected. 

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mushroom growing on dead tree

Wherever there was an ash tree removed, you will see mushrooms coming up in the lawn as the decay follows the path of the tree root. This happens even if the stump was “ground out.”

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