Age Matters

Understand the various generations and how to communicate, advertise to, and work with them as volunteers, employees, and consumers.

Age Matters is participative program that examines the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials, and their respective life influences, their varying characteristics and values, and issues that they typically feel strongly about. Discussions and activities during the program help guide your group to understand the different generations in regards to your organizational goals.

When you have Age Matters at your disposal, you will discover the life influences, values and purchasing habits that define people from each generation and learn how to use this information to engage your customers, employees and volunteers. This information can help you improve your work environment, recruit and retain volunteers, and help you choose the best ways to communicate with each generation.

We offer the following versions of this program:

  • Age Matters
  • Workplace Age Matters
  • Consumer Age Matters
  • Volunteer Age Matters

Organizations in the past have participated in this program for the following reasons:

  • Improve communications with the various generations in the workplace
  • Effectively advertise to all generations in order to expand clientele as a small business
  • Appeal to underrepresented generations to increase membership
  • Properly manage and communicate with volunteers or employees belonging to a different generation than the manager

Additionally, in providing details on generational values, Age Matters addresses how different generations engage through the various communications mediums. This program also highlights how each generation chooses to spend its discretionary income.