Customer Service Training

On the Front Line

Skills for Excellent Customer Service in your Community 

This 10-part customer service educational workshop help staff work with customers, clients, patients, members, or constituents. On the Front Line is produced by University of Illinois Extension and can be delivered in partnership with community and business organizations.

Workshop modules can be customized to fit your desired timeframe.

Today's customers are smarter and more discerning than ever. They demand great service. As a result, the folks on the front lines of our local businesses, agencies and organizations, must stand ready to meet customer needs. Effective customer service helps to ensure the health of an organization, and healthy organizations keep our community thriving. The program is designed to help people see the importance of delivering excellent customer service for their individual development as well as for the success of their business and their community.

Why Customer Service is a Community Development Issue:

  • Economic Benefits of Customer service in a Local Business and Community and the effects of local spending
  • Impacts of Non Local Spending
  • Social Benefits of Customer Service in your community
  • How local businesses set the tone for how friends, neighbors, and visitors form opinions about the community

What this program offers:

  • Community development focus
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Delivering customer service online
  • Program is customizable to the local context and audience needs
  • Resources on the topic are provided (such as guides, articles, and activities)

The Ten Learning Sessions Include:

  1. Customer Service for Common Good
  2. Definition of Customer Service
  3. Understanding Customers (diversity, culture)
  4. Demonstrating Good Customer Service
  5. In-person communication (verbal/non verbal)
  6. Telephone Technique
  7. Delivering Customer Service Online
  8. Unhappy Customers
  9. Keeping Customers Happy
  10. Looking back and looking ahead