Winter Savings

Lower heating costs and still keep warm.

You can cut up to a fifth of your energy bill by sealing exterior wall air leaks and drafts.

  • Use sealant or metal tap if there are leaks or holes in your ducts. Air leaks in ducts can account for about 20 to 30% of wasted heat.
  • Lower the temperature while sleeping or away. A programmable thermostat can save up to 15% of energy costs.
  • Set your water heater no higher than 120°. Nearly one-fifth of your heating bill comes from your water heater.
  • Use a space heater to help warm a room and keep the home setting lower. A 1° reduction can save 3% on your bill.
  • Open the drapes on sunny days.
  • Clean your furnace and change the furnace filter monthly.
  • Caulk and add weather stripping to doors and windows that leak air.
  • Use foam sealant on larger gaps around windows, baseboards, and other places where air may leak out.
  • Make sure your insulation is up to a foot or 18 inches deep in your attic or crawl space. 

Information provided by Energy Education Council.