4-H clover with roosters and the saying "something to crow about"

Presented by: Cody and Kayla Diss

Providing Bird Blood Testing: Michelle Rich

What to bring: 

-The birds you have entered into classes for the 4-H Show and Junior Fair

-A list of the classes you have entered with your birds

-Any questions that you may have regarding your birds in general or show related

Workshop Agenda:

-General Poultry Care

-Common Poultry Illnesses

-Showing Poultry

-Poultry Show Rules / Guidelines


RSVP to the Extension Office at 815-433-0707. It's all FREE!

The Federation Fairgrounds Clean-up will be going on too.  This includes a 'potluck" lunch at 1p.m.  You must notify Extension if you plan to enjoy the potluck!

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