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wild parsnip
Identify, avoid, and manage troublesome wild parsnip
URBANA, Ill. — I love parsnips. Often parsnips, large white carrot-like root vegetables, are substituted for celery in my soups and stews. The cultivated parsnip that we eat heralds from the appropriately named wild parsnip, Pastinaca sativa. However, wild parsnip is a plant to avoid. The wild...
chicks hatching
Embryology in the Classroom
Fieldcrest, Henry, Midland, and Putnam County schools participated in an Embryology unit through Marshall-Putnam Ag in the Classroom. Over the course of 21 days, students patiently waited for the chicks to hatch. A huge thank you to Saratoga Homestead for providing the fertilized eggs! Kits were...

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