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Invasive Species of Illinois' Rivers, Lakes, and Wetlands | Forestry Spring Webinar Series

A stand of purple loosestrife plant in flower
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What lurks under the surface?

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) may seem like Creatures of the Black Lagoon, but the impacts of these introduced plants and animals on Illinois' rivers, lakes, and wetlands is no fiction. This talk will present a "Who's Who" of AIS in the state, as well as talk about ongoing efforts by researchers to prevent introductions to new waterbodies and manage established species.  

Presenter: Katie O'Reilly; Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Invasive Species Engagement

Katie O'Reilly is the Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and the Illinois Natural History Survey. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame, where her research focused on understanding human impacts to Lake Michigan coastal wetland ecosystems. In her current role, she combines research and outreach to inform coastal stakeholders about aquatic invasive species prevention, management, and control.

Forestry Spring Webinar Series

Just in time for spring, the Illinois Extension Forestry team will lead a five-session webinar series for woodland owners on Wednesdays starting April 5. The webinar is free, and registration is required. 

This webinar is approved for ISA Continuing Education Credits.

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