These technical publications are available to the public and provide valuable information on forest and tree health, forest stewardship, Illinois Big Tree Register, Illinois Forestry in Focus, invasive species, and silvics and forest ecology. 

In addition to these technical publications, Illinois Extension Forestry provides presentations and other recorded content through our YouTube Channel.

Illinois Timber Price Bulletins

Custom Sawmills & Woodworkers StoryMap (WEBSITE)

2010-2014 (PDF), 2015-2019 (PDF)

2000-2004 (PDF), 2005-2009 (PDF)

1990-1994 (PDF), 1995-1999 (PDF)

1980-1984  (PDF), 1985-1989 (PDF)

1978-1979 (PDF)

Forest & Tree Health

Spotted Lanternfly (PDF)

Laurel Wilt on Sassafras (PDF)

Oak Skeletonizer Affecting Shingle Oak (PDF)

Southeastern Forests and Climate Change: Illinois Supplement (PDF)

Forest Stewardship

Professional Consulting Forester StoryMap (WEBSITE)

Agency or Staff Forester StoryMap (WEBSITE)

Illinois Forestry Best Management Practices (PDF)

Plat of Survey and Tax Parcel Maps (PDF)

Illinois Forestry Contractor’s List (PDF)

Illinois Technical Forestry Assistance (PDF)

Oak System Recovery: A Vision for Sustaining Oaks in Southern Illinois (PDF)

Illinois Big Tree Register

Illinois Champion Trees StoryMap (WEBSITE)

Illinois Big Tree Nomination Form (PDF) 

Illinois Big Tree Nomination Guide (PDF)

Geolocating Big Trees with GPS (PDF) 

Illinois Big Tree Volunteer Form (PDF)

The Sine Method: A Better Tree Height Measurement Technique (PDF)

Illinois Big Tree Inspector Training Guide (PDF)

Illinois Forestry in Focus

Checklist of Illinois Native Trees (PDF) 

At the Crossroads of Forestry and Wildlife Management (PDF)

Planning to Harvest Timber? Consider Hiring a Consultant (PDF) 

To Treat or Not to Treat? Should you treat your ash trees for emerald ash borer (PDF)

Invasive Species

Invasive Species Update: Jumping Worms (PDF)

Winter Identification of Bush Honeysuckle: Factsheet (PDF),  Video (WEBSITE)

Wineberry Invasive Species Factsheet (PDF)

Management of Invasive Plants and Pests of Illinois (PDF)

Illinois Regulations Regarding Invasive Plant Species (PDF)

Invasive Plant Species Regulated by the Illinois Exotic Weed Act (PDF)

Invasive Plant Phenology Report Series: 2016 (PDF), 2017 (PDF), 2018 (PDF)

Field Guide to the Identification of Japanese Stiltgrass (PDF)

Japanese Stiltgrass Hidden Reproduction Infographic (PDF)

Giant Hogweed Comparison and Identification Sheet (PDF)

Oriental vs American Bittersweet: Winter identification (PDF)

Invasive Plant Responses to Silvicultural Practices in the South (PDF)

Silvics & Forest Ecology

Checklist of Illinois Native Trees (PDF) 

Distinguishing Persimmon and Black Gum Leaves and Twigs (PDF)

Identification Characteristics of Hickory Species Native to Illinois (PDF)

Maximum Tree Age and Longevity (PDF)

Illinois Tree Farm Program

Illinois Tree Farm Program Orientation Manual (PDF)

IDNR Div. of Forest Resources

IDNR District Forester Offices (PDF)

IDNR Division of Forest Resources (WEBSITE)