Speaker's Bureau

Program Overview

Are you an Illinois Master Gardener that enjoys teaching others how to grow, but you need topics to teach and materials to give to audiences? University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Educators have teamed up to provide resources for Master Gardener Speakers Bureaus. Each program has PowerPoints, scripts, teaching guides, and handouts. To demonstrate how volunteers can present these programs, each session is offered via webinar and recorded for viewing on YouTube. Speakers Bureau guidelines and tips, and instructions on how to download all the materials will also be provided.

University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners have access to the following ready-to-go topics for presenting to other groups:

  • Hydroponics for Food Production
  • Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening
  • Native Pollinators
  • Grow Your Own Tree Fruit
  • Beneficial Insects: Garden Warriors
  • Fruit Tree Grafting
  • How to Kill Your Tree: A guide of what not to do
  • Living with Japanese Beetles
  • Container Gardens
  • Creating a Shady Garden Respite
  • Designing a Flower Bed with Seasonal Interest
  • Easy Care Native Plants
  • Energy-Efficient Landscaping
  • Late Summer and Fall Colors in the Garden
  • Seasonal Care for the Home Landscape: Summer/Fall 
  • Seasonal Care for the Home Landscape: Winter/Spring
  • Tea Gardens

Master Gardeners can contact their local Illinois Extension office to get the teaching materials necessary to deliver research-based programming to their community. 

Do you have questions on the Speaker's Bureau program? Contact your nearest Illinois Extension horticulture staff.

If you are not an Illinois Master Gardener but would like to request a speaker for a program, please contact your local Extension office. Most Extension staff and volunteers are booked several months in advance for speaking engagements. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however, not all Extension offices have horticulture staff or Master Gardener volunteers.

Preview a few of our recorded Speaker's Bureau training videos