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4-H members take aim during Summer Sizzle Shoot

Illinois 4-H members showed focus and a steady hand as they competed for top honors in the annual Summer Sizzle Shoot held June 4 at the Chillicothe Sportsman’s Club. Nearly 75 youth from nine counties participated in the Illinois 4-H shooting sports contest, organized by 4-H volunteers in LaSalle, Marshall, and Putnam counties.

 “These young people continue to practice and build their shooting sports skill as they also learn to cooperate and work together,” says Anne Scheel, University of Illinois Extension 4-H program coordinator for Marshall-Putnam counties. “Shooting sports teaches patience, resiliency, focus, and determination.”

Youth interested in joining the 4-H program may contact Scheel at 309-364-2356.

Three age divisions separated the youth who competed in air rifle, .22 rifle, shotgun, and archery.

Air rifle

Winners in the junior air rifle division include Colton Nuske, first; Charlotte Wilson, second; Logan Wilhelms, third; Eoin Rickey, fourth; and Korra Wilson, fifth. The top five finishers were all from LaSalle County 4-H.

Two Dekalb County 4-H members finished at the top of the intermediate air rifle division. Placing first was Carson Underwood; Madelynn Swanson finished second. Rounding out the top five were LaSalle County youth: Lilliana Bernabei, third; Reagan Carlson, fourth; and Avery Sherman, fifth.

.22 Rifle

Logan Siegmann of Marshall-Putnam 4-H placed first in the junior .22 rifle division, followed by Colton Nuske of LaSalle County in second.

Colton Nuske of LaSalle County and Logan Siegmann of Marshall-Putnam Counties.

In the intermediate division of .22 rifle, the winners include Kane Mosley of LaSalle County, first; Juanita Haines of LaSalle County, second; Eoban Rickey of LaSalle County, third; Waylon Lindstrom of Marshall-Putnam Counties, fourth; and Reagan Carlson of LaSalle County, fifth.

Christina Snook placed first in the senior .22 rifle division. She participates in LaSalle County 4-H.


Henry Neri of LaSalle County claimed first place in the junior shotgun division, followed by Kale Lindstrom of Marshall-Putnam County 4-H in second place and Easton Frank of Rock Island County in third.

Four LaSalle County 4-H members were in the top five placings of the intermediate shotgun division. Those youth include Steven Hladvack, first; Madalynn O’Connell, second; Annika Michlik, fourth; and Brayden Wilson, fifth. Finishing third was Marshall-Putnam counties 4-H member Layne Whited.

Brayden Wilson of LaSalle County, Annika Michlik of LaSalle County, Layne Whited of Marshall-Putnam Counties, Madalynn O’Connell of LaSalle County, and Steven Hladvack of LaSalle County.

In a close contest, Durham Switzer of Edgar County earned the top place in the senior shotgun contest. Other top finishers are Hunter Lane of LaSalle County, second; Alexander Welch of Stark County, third; Hueston Wilson of LaSalle County, fourth; and Julia Kruger of LaSalle County, fifth.

Sighted Archery

In the sighted archery contest, Cullen Meyer of LaSalle County claimed victory in the junior division. Additional winners include Bo Neri of LaSalle County, second; Mario Bernabei of LaSalle County, third; Caleb Fugman of DeKalb County, fourth; and Cooper Hattan of Marshall-Putnam counties, fifth.

CJ Richards, Stark County 4-H member, took first place in the intermediate sighted archery division. Other winners include Landon Sawin of LaSalle County, second; Piper Bradbeck of LaSalle County, third; Mitchell Tjaden of Marshall-Putnam counties, fourth; and Tate Sundberg of LaSalle County, fifth.

In the senior division, Ian Sundberg took first place with the highest score of the day. Ian is a member in LaSalle County. Additional winners include Sarah Daughtery of Marshall -Putnam counties, second; and Travis Broers of Montgomery County, third.

Non-Sighted Archery

Top junior archers using a non-sighted bow include Kaitlyn Schaer of Marshall-Putnam counties, first; Asher Fugman of DeKalb County, second; Lillian Lindstrom of Marshall-Putnam counties, third; Jacob Bangert of LaSalle County, tied for fourth; David Horsley of Stark County, tied for fourth; and Preston Taylor of Ogle County, fifth.

Riggins Shafer of Stark County took a commanding lead in the intermediate non-sighted archery contest, followed by Kiryn Schaer of Marshall-Putnam counties, second; and Kendra Story Marshall-Putnam counties, third.

Kendra Story Marshall-Putnam counties, Kiryn Schaer of Marshall-Putnam counties, and Riggins Shafer of Stark County.


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