Illinois 4-H Recognizes 4-H Seniors: Marshall-Putnam Counties

Illinois 4-H recognized those enrolled in 4-H as a Senior in high school with a 4-H memorabilia tassel.

During 2020, Illinois 4-H youth faced challenges during the COIVD19 pandemic with school closures, 4-H cancellations, and 4-H exhibitions being moved to a virtual format.

“We recognize the challenges our 4-H youth faced, especially our 4-H members that were in their Senior year of high school and missing many milestones in their school and 4-H careers.”, said Tina Veal, 4-H Alumni & Constituent Engagement Manger with the Illinois 4-H program. “We wanted the opportunity to recognize those youth by creating a new 4-H memorabilia tassel to let 4-H youth know that we support them and are proud of the challenges they have overcome and to invite them stay connected to 4-H in their final years and as a 4-H alumni.” This recognition was made possible with support from the IL 4-H Foundation.

Marshall-Putnam 4-H seniors are Adira Lunken, Cassandra Johnson, Chloe Hartwig, Emily Brauch, Isaac Klein, Logan Kiestwetter, Mariano Yee, Molly Boyd and Ty Wilkinson.

All graduating 4-H members have been formally invited to join the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association. This association was established in 2016 to create a lifelong, statewide community of 4-H alumni and provide increased opportunities for meaningful engagement to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteerism and philanthropic commitment to Illinois 4-H.               

4-H continues to build responsible and caring adults who are more likely to give back to their communities.  The Illinois 4-H program has a strong history of making an impact on youth, building leaders and preparing them for success.  Veal said, “We want to remain connected to our 4-H alumni to see the impacts they make in their future careers and communities.”

For information on joining 4-H or about the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association, contact your local Extension office or Tina Veal at the Illinois State 4-H office.