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Marshall Putnam 4-H Achievement Ceremony

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, 4-H members from throughout Marshall and Putnam counties gathered to celebrate a year of hard work, leadership, and dedication to personal growth.

4-H members work hard because it's the right thing to do. Working on projects helps gain skills the world needs. Helping others helps build better communities. The leadership we practice today will be needed in our careers tomorrow. Therefore, 4-H is its own reward. And yet, it never hurts to hear the occasional "good job." That's why Illinois 4-H offers a wide range of recognition opportunities for every type of 4-H involvement.

There are three Areas of Recognition:  Engage, Experience, Excel. the basic recognition a member receives just by being part of the program. There isn't any application process to win... you simply get it for being you! This recognition happens at the club and county program.

EXPERIENCE...offers recognition for members who participate in activities and events. There is always a lot one can do as a 4-H member ranging from club activities to national events. There is no limit to the number of members who can achieve each level. If you do the work, you get the award. where competition kicks in. At this level, one will be competing against other 4-H members for a very limited number of top awards.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Clover Award winners receive county recognition. Diamond and Emerald Clover Award winners will be honored at a state awards ceremony each fall. The award level is determined by how many experiences one does in each area: Bronze Clover Award- complete at least 1 experience in each of the four dimensions; Silver Clover Award- complete at least 2 experiences in each of the four dimensions, at least 2 of those experiences must be at the County level or beyond; Gold Clover Award- complete 4 experiences in each of the four dimensions, at least 2 of those experiences must be beyond the County level.  The four dimensions are participation, community service, leadership and project learning.

Marshall-Putnam 4-H awarded the following members:

Bronze recipients: Brady Palm- Bennington Go-Getters, Cassidy Palm- Bennington Go-Getters, Kaitlyn Palm- Bennington Go-Getters, Lucas Palm-Bennington Go-Getters, Kendra Story -PC Progressors.

Silver recipients: Salina Breckenridge- Lostant Leaders, Isabella Hall-Saratoga Leadaways, Paige Kammer            -Lostant Leaders, Piper Kammer-Lostant Leaders,  Phoebe Kammer-Lostant Leaders, Lane Kocher-Saratoga Leadaways, Ben Meachum  -Saratoga Leadaways, Hayden Meachum-Saratoga Leadaways, Grace Miles   -Bennington Go-Getters, Annabel Vincent-Lostant Leaders.

Gold recipients: Cadence Breckenridge-Lostant Leaders, Lilly Breckenridge-Lostant Leaders, Ryan Carlson-Henry Guys & Gals, Sarah Daugherty-Lostant Leaders, Samantha Nauman -Henry Guys & Gals.

Junior Leaders were recognized with a certificate. This year’s Junior Leaders are: Mikenna Boyd- PC Progressors, Isabelle Brown-PC Progressors, Sophia Brown- PC Progressors, Kade Gensini-PC Progressors, Eli Postula- PC Progressors, Quinn Postula-PC Progressors, Isaac Wujek- PC Progressors.

Special Awards were also presented: Secretaries Submitting Books, Sarah Daugherty- Lostant Leaders, Quinn Postula- PC Progressors, and Sophia Brown-PC Progressors,. The Outstanding Secretary Award went to Lostant Leaders, Sarah Daugherty. Club Level Junior Best Kept Record Book went to Samantha Nauman, Henry Guys & Gals, Club Level Senior Best Kept Record Book went to Ryan Carlson, Henry Guys &Gals. County Level Junior Best Kept Record Book went to Samantha Nauman, Henry Guys and Gals. County Level Senior Best Kept Record Book went to Ryan Carlson, Henry Guys & Gals. Illinois 4-H Electricity Award went to Lucas Palm, Bennington  Go-Getters.

Parents who volunteered time to help the club leaders are: Tammy Brown, PC Progressors, Kerry Gensini, PC Progressors, Sarah Halsne, PC Progressors and Angie Heckman, PC Progressors.

Leaders celebrating milestone anniversaries were also recognized, One Year: Gage Kammer, Shooting Sports, Elizabeth Keller, PC Progressors Cloverbuds, Sarah Knapp, PC Progressors Cloverbuds and Adam Lindstrom, Shotgun. Five Years: Joy Meachum, Saratoga Leadaways and

Sara Miles, Bennington Go-Getters. Ten Years: Beth Palm, Bennington Go-Getters. Twenty Years: DiAnn Kuehn, L-W Achievers.

We would like to thank Henry Presbyterian Church for letting us use their facilities each year. “Good Job” Marshall-Putnam 4-H members.

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