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Accessing US EPA Clean School Bus Rebates and Other Incentives (2022)


Co-hosted by Prairie Rivers Network

Presented by:

  • Susan Mudd, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Senior Policy Advocate
  • Tim Farquer, Superintendent/Curriculum Director Williamsfield Schools
  • Richard Lee, Director of Sales, School Bus, Eastern US at Lion Electric

Program Description:

Federal funding is now available for replacing older dirty school buses with cleaner vehicles like electric school buses. Join us to learn about incentives available this summer and the myriad benefits of transitioning to electric buses, including improved health, reduced emissions and substantial financial savings for school districts. We'll address coverage, prioritization, program guidance & technical assistance, and provide a case study of a school district in transition. We’ll also hear from Lion Electric, an electric school bus manufacturer, about the importance of EV infrastructure, and how Lion may offer assistance to school districts applying for EPA rebates.

About the presenters:

  • Tim Farquer is acting Superintendent for Williamsfield Schools. He comes from a family of educators and has worked in public education for 25 years. Tim also serves as a Senior Advisor for World Resources Institute’s Electric School Bus Initiative with a focus on technical assistance for school districts. He is also the administrative lead for the Bus-2-Grid Initiative.
  • Susan Mudd is an attorney and senior policy advocate for the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC), where she directs the Diesel Pollution Reduction Initiative to protect children’s and communities’ health, and the organization’s Electric School Bus campaign. She is a co-founder of Women Accelerating School Bus Electrification.
  • Richard Lee is Director of Sales, School Bus, Eastern US at Lion Electric. Based in the farmlands of Michigan, Richard is a school bus industry veteran, having been active in the industry for the past 34 years with experience at a number of legacy industry Original Equipment Manufacturers.

About the moderator:

Kim Knowles is a Senior Policy Specialist at Prairie Rivers Network where she leads the organization’s efforts to craft and implement just and equitable renewable energy policies. Equitable renewable energy policies are designed to ensure the benefits of clean energy are realized by a broader spectrum of people, including communities of color, low income and environmental justice communities, and rural towns and villages. Kim is presently leading an initiative to inform rural Illinois communities about the benefits of federal renewable energy programs.