Checking Your Dirt


Kid gardeners know that good soil is really important for growing a great garden. This is probably the part of gardening kids and grown-ups like the least — getting the soil ready so that plants will grow their best.

Two funny little girls playing in a large wet mud puddle on sunny summer day. Children getting dirty while digging in muddy soil. Messy games outdoors.

A simple checklist will help you identify problems and note things that may need changing. Doing this before you start planting will make gardening a whole lot more fun and keep you from having to correct mistakes when plants are growing.

Check for good drainage.

  • Does water sit on top of the ground for a long time?
  • Does the soil stay wet for a long time?

A spot like this might be good for mud pies but not for gardening.

3 youth digging in dirt of raised bed planting plants
Making a Raised Bed Garden

If your garden site is too wet, you might have to find another spot. Or here's a kid gardener tip: make yourself a raised bed garden. 

This little "secret" has helped many adult gardeners and it can make you the star kid gardener. All you need to do is just mound up the garden area about 8-12 inches. You can just hill up the whole area or use some rocks or boards to keep the soil in place. A great idea, you should try it.