The Voice of Extension: Todd Gleason

How Extension interacts with the ag industry.

Today we'll explore how extension works with partners in the state to create science based programming that can be used in the field for the betterment of all. I asked Jennifer Jones from the Illinois Soybean Association to tell me how it works and what she does.


How the Illinois Plant Clinic benefits farmers, gardeners, and green professionals.

Explore the diagnostic Plant Clinic here at University of Illinois. Diane Plewa is a diagnostician and the director of the University of Illinois Plant Clinic.


How PSEP has changed the face of pesticide protection for all Illinois residents.

This Todd Gleason podcast reviews Illinois Extension's role with pesticide safety and certification. Michelle Wiesbrook stresses the importance of following application guidelines to avoid pesticide poisoning and unexpected drift.

Extension builds resources to help hemp producers.

There is a big difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. Phillip Alberti discusses the differences and uses of hemp, including grain, fiber, and cannabinoids.