Salad Burnet

salad burnet
Illinois Extension photo: Herb Gardening | Salad Burnet

Poterium sanguisorba

Salad burnet forms a loose open mound of very finely cut foliage that is almost fern-like in appearance.  Plant grows about 12-15 inches tall. Small, pink, round flowers are produced. Leaves impart a cucumber-like taste to foods. In addition to its culinary value, salad burnet also is a nice compliment to the front of a perennial border.

Growing: Perennial

Salad burnet prefers a full sun location in average garden soil. Once established it is tolerant of dry soil. Plants can be started from seed sown in the spring or fall or from division. Flowers should be removed as they form, in order to encourage the growth of new foliage, and to prevent the plant from forming seeds. Salad burnet will reseed freely and may become weedy in the garden. Divide the plant every 3-4 years to maintain vigor.


Harvest the tender new foliage. Older leaves will be tough and bitter. Best used as a fresh herb.


Salad burnet has a nutty cucumber-like flavor that is used in salads, soups, vinegars and beverages.