Savory: Summer

summer savory
Illinois Extension photo: Summer Savory

Satureja hortensis

Summer savory grows to about 12 inches and produces a mound shaped plant with fine textured stems that have a purple coloration. Leaves are long and narrow and have a grayish-green color. 

Growing: Annual

Summer savory is grown from seeds sown directly in the garden or indoors and then transplanted after danger of frost is past. Sow seed shallow as light helps improve germination. Allow about 4-6 weeks to produce transplants. 

It prefers a full sun location in a well prepared soil that is moist, but well-drained. To insure a continuous supply of fresh leaves it is suggested to make successive sowings about 3-4 weeks apart.

Popular Varieties

  • ‘Midget’ – A bushy, uniform plant with much more foliage than other varieties.


Cut leafy tops when plants start to show buds. Use fresh or the leaves can be dried and stored.


Summer savory is used in meat, soup, vegetable dishes and salads. It is also very good with bean dishes. It is considered to have a much better flavor than winter savory and is the preferred culinary savory. 

Indoor Culture 

Summer savory is easily grown in containers indoors for the winter. Chose a sunny location for best growth.