Show Dates 2021

Fair Dates: Dates subject to change

July 10 – Dog Fun show

July 17 – 4-H Dog show

July 23 am  – Sewing & Cloverbuds in Bldg D

July 23 am – Visual Arts

July 23 pm  - Photography, Interior Design in Bldg D

July 23 pm  - General Project judging - 4-H building

July 24 am - Computer & Technologies – Extension office

July 24 am – General Project judging – 4-H building

July 25 – Rabbit Show

Aug 2 am – Foods, Horticulture, Crops

Aug 2 – Livestock check-in begins

Aug 3-8 – McHenry County Fair

Aug 3 - Poultry

Aug 4 – Dairy, Sheep, Goat

Aug 5 – Beef, Swine

Aug 5 – 4-H Night

Aug 6 – Horse show

Aug 7 – Livestock Auction

Aug 8 – Master Showman Competition

State Fair County Date: August 15 - See IL state website for more information

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Livestock Show Information

  • Illinois 4-H Livestock Issues: State and Federal laws dictate the production and exhibition of livestock. Know what's required of you as an Illinois 4-H livestock producer and exhibitor.
  •  4-H LIVESTOCK AUCTION: Volunteers on the Livestock Auction Committee are hard at work planning to offer a livestock auction this summer.  While they have high expectations to move forward, the following is a message from the committee, "All NON-auction animals will need to either be sent to market or home." 


Horse Show Information

Dog Show Information

Livestock Information