McHenry County 4-H Show Information

Show Dates 2023

4-H Judging Dates: Dates subject to change

July 11-12: Archery -Demonstration Judging

July 13: Air Rifle -Demonstration Judging

July 15: Dog Fun show

July 29: 4-H Dog show

July 20: General Project Judging - Computer Technologies, Robotics, Video - Extension Office

July 21 AM: General Project Judging - Sewing, Shopping, Interior Design, Photography, Individual & Group Cloverbud Projects - Bldg D

July 21 AM: General Project Judging - Visual Arts - 4-H Bldg

July 21 PM: General Project Judging - Animal/Vet Science, Cat & Small Pet show Civic Engagement & Service Learning, College & Career Readiness, Communications, Consumer Education, Leadership, Child Development, Family Heritage, Health, Intercultural, Theatre arts - 4-H Bldg

July 22 AM: General Project Judging - ALL Natural Res. & Environment Projects, Shooting Sports displays, ALL Engineering & Technologies: Aerospace, Woodworking, Tractor, Small Engines, Bicycle, Electricity, Welding, Maker - 4-H Bldg

July 23: Rabbit Show

July 31 AM: General Project Judging - Food & Nutrition: Cooking, Food Science, Sports Nutrition; Horticulture & Floriculture; Crops, Plants & Soils; Exploratory, Collections, County projects: Lego, model, reading, sports, conservation/environment

July 31: Livestock check-in begins

Aug 1-6 – McHenry County Fair

Aug 1: Goat, Poultry, Swine Carcass Class

Aug 2: Dairy, Sheep, Swine Showmanship 

Aug 3: Beef, Beef Carcass, Swine

Aug 3: 4-H Night

Aug 4: Horse show

Aug 5: Livestock Auction

Aug 6: Master Showman Competition

State Fair County Date: Aug 12 - See IL state website for more information

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    Livestock Show Information

    • 2023 Livestock Showbook ALL livestock shows are pending approval and these guidelines are NOT final! This is a preliminary copy for general livestock information ONLY to help you plan your potential livestock entries.
    • 2023 Livestock Ownership Deadlines McHenry County will observe all Birth & Ownership dates set by the state, Tattoo & Weigh-in dates for Beef & Sheep.
    • YQCA – Required for Beef, Dairy, Goats, Sheep & Swine. 
      • Youth must register to attend a face-to-face class or certify on-line on the YQCA website:
      • Deadline July 1
    • QAEC – Required for companion animals one time in a 4-H members career for each project area participating.
    • Illinois 4-H Livestock Issues: State and Federal laws dictate the production and exhibition of livestock. Know what's required of you as an Illinois 4-H livestock producer and exhibitor.
    •  4-H LIVESTOCK AUCTION: For questions, please contact the Livestock Committee.
    • 2023 Auction Card


    Horse Show Information

    Dog Show Information

    Livestock Information