Virtual Show Results: Please check back for updates as results continue to be finalized

Directions to View Virtual Show Results

Virtual Show Entry Dates

General Project Fair Entry Dates: June 15 - July 17

Dog Show Fair Entry Dates: July 10 - July 20

Livestock Fair Entry Dates: July 17 - July 27

Horse Entry Dates: July 17 - August 3

Virtual Show Resources

Fair Entry Family Letter

McHenry County 4-H Fair Entry Link: Direct link to Fair Entry

Family Instructions to Enroll in Exhibits: Step by step directions for enrolling projects on FairEntry. 

BOX Instructions: Instructions for video upload to BOX. Required for robotics, computer science, video, and maker projects and ALL livestock projects, dogs, horses, cats & small pets.  No other projects require a video upload.

BOX Link: Link to BOX for Video upload. The file description should include the 4-H member’s name, project name, and show class (example: Jane Doe, Rabbit, Flemish Giant Sr. Doe)

How to make a pdf on your phone from a photo:

Judges Resources:

Judge’s Registration for General Projects

Virtual Judge’s Training video

Instructions logging in as a judge and viewing projects.


General Project Information

2020 McHenry County 4-H Virtual Showbook: Please continue to use the original show book as a starting place for your 4-H project exhibit but refer to the Virtual Exhibit Requirements in RED for guidance on the new virtual exhibit upload requirements.

McHenry County 4-H Project Report: Required for projects.

McHenry County 4-H Exhibit Card: Please include an exhibitor card or small piece of paper with your name and county in each photo.

Photography Tip Sheet: Finding your photo's metadata.

Photography Model Release

Cooking 101, 201, 301, 401 Curriculum: Foods exhibits in Cooking 101,201,301, & 401 do NOT need the activity mentioned in the original exhibit guidelines.

Cat Entry Card

Best practice: save all Project Reports and Power Points as adobe files (pdfs) before uploading to This assures that the judge will see it as you designed it in case they are using a different version application.

Cloverbud Resources:

Cloverbud BOX: Group projects can be uploaded here.

Cloverbud Virtual Show Guidelines

Cloverbud Project Report: Required for all Cloverbud projects

Cloverbud Group Project Report


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Virtual Livestock Show Information

2020 Virtual Livestock Showbook : Virtual Livestock Show guidelines can be found on pages 1 & 2.  Please note health papers will not be required for virtual shows

Livestock Auction Committee letter

Online Livestock Auction Information

Livestock Breeding Exhibit Card: Sample may be used or create your own

Livestock Market Exhibit Card: Sample may be used or create your own

Example Livestock videos *Note the videos are about 15 seconds longer than our Illinois 4-H requirements of 1-minute maximum

Example Rabbit video clip


Horse Show Information

Dog Show Information