Managing Invasives: Eight Replacements for the Callery Pear

Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series
Replace invasive Callery pear trees before the next big storm forces it.

Now considered an invasive species, the Callery pear is a widely used ornamental flowering tree with negative effects on…

Fungus Among Us: An Insight to Fungi in Illinois Ecosystems

Everyday Environment Webinar Series
There's more to mushrooms than meets the eye. 

Fungi are more than a pathogen eating your trees or the mushroom in your meals. Not a plant or an animal, fungi are dynamic organisms that help…

Exploring Natural Lawn Care

Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series
Learn a more natural approach to lawn care.

With billions of gallons of water used on lawns every year, more residents are researching natural approaches to lawn care. Learn what goes into taking…

Illinois Invasive Species Symposium

Invasive species are a serious and expensive threat to ecosystems, and Illinois ranks 5th in the U.S. for invasive species introductions. 

Invasive species are a growing concern in our forests,…



Illinois-Indiana Master Watershed Steward Program

County: Cook
Become a community leader in water conservation! Join our inaugural cohort!

IL-IN Master Watershed Stewards:

Trains and supports community leaders to serve and support the protection and…

Microplastic Pollution: The Big Problem with Tiny Plastic

Everyday Environment Webinar Series
Plastic is everywhere, and that's a problem. 

Plastic is the most common debris found in oceans and lakes. Microplastics are smaller than a grain of rice, and scientists don’t fully understand…