Meningococcal disease is caused by a bacteria. Some people are carriers meningococcal disease but don't get ill. Others get serious infections, such as meningitis and septicemia. It spreads through saliva. Of particular danger is the speed of which the disease progresses, sometimes within hours.

Meningitis is inflammation of the lining that covers the brain and spinal cord. 

Septicemia is an infection of the bloodstream that causes bleeding into the skin and organs. 

Long-term effects of meningococcal disease may include hearing loss or brain damage.

Department of Health and Human Services

The MenB Vaccine

Meningococcal vaccines are encouraged for people most at risk for contracting the disease, including those who:

  • College dorms or other places where people live in close contact with each other
  • Have certain medical conditions, such as HIV
  • Are traveling to a certain part of sub-Saharan Africa

Trade name include:

  • MenB-4C: Bexsero®
  • MenB-FHbp: Trumenba®

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