Research Reporting

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What to report

Report activities related to research and knowledge-building, including

  • formal research
  • demonstrations and trials
  • structured scouting
  • research projects where Extension is providing an outreach component
  • other activities that are designed to generate information or greater understanding for Extension and its audiences, such as Extension Collaboration grants

How to report

  • Review the current project list. For a quick overview to see which projects are already listed, go to the research activity dashboard.  For existing projects, go to the research activity spreadsheet to review and make corrections.  
  • Make updates and corrections to existing projects as needed directly in the research spreadsheet.  
  • Add results for past projects.  Help us share what you learned!  The form has two ways you can share results:  provide a short writeup or provide a link to information you’ve shared elsewhere. Add your results directly in the research spreadsheet.
  • Enter additional projects as needed.  There are two options for new entries:  through the research activity entry form or directly in the research spreadsheet.  For collaborative projects, such as scouting, check the dashboard to see if a colleague has added the project already, and add yourself as a collaborator if needed.  Much of the information should appear in the dashboard within 30 minutes, but full searchability and collaborator information may take 1-2 days to appear.  
  • Email Karen Winter-Nelson with your questions, comments, or suggestions
  • Request link to research spreadsheet


Which research projects should I enter? Include projects involving formal research, trials and demonstrations, structured scouting activities, and research projects you are providing outreach for.  

I am not an AAB/NREE Educator.  Should I enter my research activities? Reporting on research activities is required for AAB/NREE Educators.  Educators in other program areas are welcome, but not required, to report research activities using this reporting form.  All activities reported here will be publicly viewable and searchable.  Similarly, specialists are welcome to report here if to facilitate communication about their research activities for internal and external audiences.

Do I need to enter grant proposals for research before they are funded?  You only need to include actual activities you are involved with, not proposed activities. In the past, there was an Extension-wide priority to enter all grant proposals. This is no longer needed.

Should I enter a project I worked on last year?  All research projects active at any time in the current reporting year should be included. In addition, past projects should be included if you can provide a brief (or longer) summary of what was learned as a result of the effort. As always, check first to make sure a project isn’t already included.

Why collect this information?  We prioritize statewide data collection for activities that make important contributions to plans of work and targeted outcomes. For ANR educators in particular, applied research is a key activity. The research dashboard will also provide a central place to communicate research results, increasing the transparency and usability of research projects.

Why aren’t we entering this into PEARS?  Last year this information was housed in PEARS. After review, we decided to use a different method. Using PEARS put a bigger burden on educators, because separate entries were needed for grant proposals and for research projects. Also, since using PEARS means using a supplemental survey, the information is not easily viewable. The new system integrating google forms and sheets makes it possible to create a list of projects that can be searched and viewed internally and externally, bringing greater visibility to this important work.

Should a project be entered by each person involved?  Each project should be entered only once. Before adding a project involving other Extension staff, search the list to see if it is already in. If you are entering a new project, list all Extension collaborators. Add yourself as a collaborator if you are not listed.  

How can I tell if my project is already entered? You can review the list at any time through the data studio interface or directly in the google sheet that houses the information. Projects should only be entered once. Updates should be made as needed directly in the google sheet.  

How long does it take for my information to show up in the dashboard?  Much of the information shows up within 30 minutes or so, but since some additional behind-the-scenes processing is needed, it should be complete and fully searchable within 1-2 days.