Civil Rights Demographics Reporting


Demographic data collection forms - printable forms in English and Spanish.

Demographics worksheet - Excel file that can be used to calculate participant demographics entered in PEARS based on information collected using Extension’s Registration System. This worksheet can also be used to use registration demographics from other registration systems, assuming the demographic questions mirror Extension’s Registration System.

How-To Attach Demographic Survey in PEARS Program Activity – guide for attaching a PEARS Voluntary Demographics Information survey to a program activity in PEARS that can auto-populate the demographics screen in PEARS.

Program Demographics Overview

  • Collect information on race, ethnicity and gender from participants in direct education activities if at all possible.  This is a NIFA requirement.
    • Collecting information on age is optional
  • Visual estimates are not acceptable (except for age). Demographics information must be reported by participants or from an objective source (e.g. school records)
  • Options for data collection:
    • Include Civil Rights Compliance Review questions (race/ethnicity/gender) as part of registration.   
    • In-person events
      • Use standard forms at in-person events.  Access them here.
      • Do not collect in a way that publicly discloses demographics of an individual (e.g. sign in sheet).
    • Other methods should use the standard Extension categories.  See PEARS compatible standard forms for race, gender, and ethnicity examples.
    • PEARS voluntary demographic survey. See instructions for how to attach this survey to a program activity in PEARS. 
    • Zoom poll used during webinar
    • If available, existing records can be used to report participant demographics (e.g see school example below)
    • Use demographics collected through registration in PEARS
      • PEARS entry should reflect the number that attended, not all that registered.
      • Use the demographics worksheet to prorate registration demographics using the number of attendees.
  • Do not collect from minors without parent/guardian consent.
    • Publicly available school-level demographics can be used to calculate K-12 participant demographics. See Illinois State Board of Education Illinois Report Card for school level demographic information. Note that gender is not available in the ISBE school report card.