Extension program evaluation helps us improve programs and document program effectiveness and impact. This collection of resources may be used to develop an evaluation specific to your program's needs. Please consult with your program area's data team member before using, as some program areas have specific evaluation guidelines and tools to use.

This page is under development—check back for additional evaluation guides and resources.

Set evaluation goals

Evaluation planning starts with goal setting and identifying how the information collected will be used. Think about what you want to know about your program or what you want others to know about your program.

Typical goals of Extension program evaluation include:

  • Learn about/document whether program is effective
  • Quantify and demonstrate outcomes and impacts
  • Improve or shape a program
  • Develop a new program or content area
  • Learn more about current practices or attitudes 

Decide on a level of effort

Evaluation planning will also be affected by the appropriate level of evaluation effort.  Some programs need only a basic evaluation, while others will require a more significant investment of time for evaluation implementation and analysis.  A more extensive evaluation may be needed where there is major program with significant investment of time and resources, or when there is a decision to be made about a program, such as whether to scale it up.

Survey resources

Qualtrics versions of each of the following resources are under development.

Standard survey

Ready-to-go one page survey.  Coming soon.

Customizable survey

A one page survey covering knowledge change, plans to use information, and some program feedback.  Must be edited to include specific knowledge topics.

  1. One page customizable survey
  2. One page customizable survey with question about MG/MN participants.  Use this version if your program participants might include both public participants and MG/MN volunteers.

Build your own survey

  1. Survey question library and planning resource.  A word document with question examples aligned with different evaluation goals.


Evaluation Tips