Local Foods & Small Farms

Americans have never been more interested in understanding where their food comes from and how it was grown and prepared. From the use of pesticides during the growing season to the practice of composting food waste, there is a lot of information available through Illinois Extension that provides insight into how fruits, vegetables, and food products move through their life cycle. The Local Foods & Small Farms program provides resources to help consumers and producers better understand their role and responsibilities within the local food movement. 


How Can a Local Foods and Small Farms Educator Help You?

Community Support
  • Forging relationships between community members, farmers, and agriculture professionals.
  • Creating awareness about local agriculture producers.
  • Connection to a statewide network of professionals, scientists and educators.
Expert Assistance
  • Unbiased research based information
  • Connection to trusted educational resources
  • Up-to-date information about cottage food laws
  • Accurate updates on Illinois crop conditions
  • University of Illinois Plant Clinic
  • Local classes and workshops
  • Conferences
  • Local and statewide webinars
  • YouTube video archives

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