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For more than 100 years, 4-H has been on the forefront of teaching young people. What once started with an agricultural focus has become the largest youth-development organization with programming in Health and Wellness, STEM, Environment, Food Systems, and beyond.  

Every year, 4-H partners with a prominent university to create a new hands-on STEM activity and lesson. Each activity is developed to meet Next Generation Science Standards, is supported with concrete curriculum and materials, and can be modified to fit a variety of grade levels. These programs are perfect for the classroom, after school club, or camp!

Here are some of our favorite programs that are available this school year:

teen working on budgeting money

Welcome to the Real World (targeted grades 6-12)

  • Investigate how career choices can be influenced by education
  • Make consumer choices related to future independent living
  • Learn skills to manage their finances
  • Utilize the experiential learning model
hands in team circle

Be SAFE- Safe, Affirming & Fair Environments (targeted grades 6-9)

  • Youth and adults will be engaged in partnership to develop and implement community strategies that promote safe and supportive environments
  • Build positive, enduring relationships, with youth involved as full partners, to learn about human differences in healthy ways
  • Youth will feel a sense of connection and belonging and establish positive bonds with peers, families, and their communities.
rock tower near water

Tackling the Tough Skills (targeted grades 6-12)

  • Learn affective communication skills
  • Develop coping skills for stress
  • Explore problem solving skills
  • Prepare for the workplace
people reviewing resume

Ready for Work (targeted grades 7-12)

  • Increase soft skills by learning how to apply and interview for job
  • Learn how to secure and maintain a work position
  • Learn resume and cover letter development
  • Learn and practice successful interview skills
  • Develop personal accountability
  • Learn about career planning
silhouette of woman thinking

Your Thoughts Matter (targeted grades 8-12)

  • Understand what mental health means and its impact on those around us
  • Identify the difference among some common but serious mental health disorders
  • Understand how society communicates about this issue in casual speech and in the media
  • Identify strategies for self-help and be part of the solution
blue bird on rock

Ornithology (targeted grades 3-8)

  • Build science skills while learning about birds
  • Learn characteristics, habitat needs, behaviors, and adaptations of birds.
  • Develop citizen science reporting skills
solar and wind energy field

Renewable Energy (targeted grades 6-8)

  • Discovering engineering through the blending of science of wind and solar energy
  • Develop an understanding of wind energy
  • Learn the sustainable power of solar energy

For a full list of program we can offer, please see our signature programs.

We would love to partner with you this year. Our commitment at University of Illinois Extension to provide exciting, engaging, education enrichment experiences for youth remains steadfast. Through collaboration with schools, organizations, and area community groups, 4-H continues to reach youth in new ways and offer exciting opportunities for exploration and learning.

If you are interested in programming at your school, reach our to our 4-H Youth Development Educator Samantha Gaither.