Webinar: Agroforestry 101- How Trees Can Support IL Farms and Landscapes

 Agroforestry 101- How Trees Can Support IL Farms and Landscapes 

Presenter: Kaitie Adams, IL Community Agroforester Savanna Institute

Kaitie Adams from the Savanna Institute

This webinar will focus on agroforestry practices that are perfectly suited for farm landscapes across Illinois. Using real-world examples from working lands, we’ll cover how to incorporate trees and perennials onto your landscape for conservation, profit, and beauty through multi-functional windbreaks, hedgerows, alley cropping, and riparian buffers. Savanna Institute provides opportunities for technical advising, resource connection, and implementation options for farmers and landowners. Come ready to ask lots of questions and get excited about an abundant perennial future!

Kaitie leads the Illinois Demonstration Farm program and helps build community through agroforestry education across the state and beyond. Her background in anthropology (MA 2015, SIUC) helps illuminate the deep ecological and social connections created through agriculture and informs her work in building bridges between landowners, farmers, industry builders, and researchers. In addition to planting trees and talking about pawpaws, she teaches community classes on seasonal cooking, fermentation, and canning and runs Red Crib Acres, a small apple orchard on rented land, with her husband John Williams.

For more information, contact Taryn Bieri at tbieri@illinois.edu

If you will need an accommodation in order to participate, please email Taryn Bieri at tbieri@illinois.edu. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.