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Norway maple leaves
Read article: Norway Maple Woes: Why it’s on my Do Not Plant list
Norway Maple Woes: Why it’s on my Do Not Plant list
We are stuck with the trees planted by those who came before us. At least I am at my house. Mostly because they are so expensive to cut down. One...
Honey Suckle
Read article: Tackling invasives, restoring natives
Tackling invasives, restoring natives
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Eliminating honeysuckle from Hedge Apple Woods has been a persistent challenge. However, this invasive shrub is not the only...
Shittake mushrooms
Read article: Your Guide to Growing Shiitake Mushrooms at Home
Your Guide to Growing Shiitake Mushrooms at Home
  Shiitake mushrooms are a world-renowned delicacy that are beloved by food enthusiasts. Their rich, earthy, umami flavor and...
Trillium: Good things come in threes group of white trillium blooming on woodland floor
Read article: Trillium: Good things come in threes
Trillium: Good things come in threes
In my last blog post, I shared my affection for bloodroot and boldly claimed that “among the myriad of spring blooms, few thrill me as much as...

News Releases

Take care of your trees with summer Forestry Stewardship Series
URBANA, Ill. — Illinois has 4.8 million acres of tree-covered land. From shading homes and feeding wildlife to producing oxygen and filtering water, trees do a lot of heavy lifting. Give them a hand by discovering innovative, research-based management options in the summer Forestry...
a group of people stand in a circle in a field surrounded by trees listening to someone speak from the back of a truck
Growing Extension forestry team speaks for the trees
URBANA, Ill. — Oaks, elms, hickories, and other trees cover Illinois in a tapestry of forests and woodlands that shade homes and parks, shelter and feed wildlife, produce oxygen, and stabilize soil. Trees once covered more than a third of Illinois, but now that number is halved and disease,...
Jay Solomon with award from Northwest Illinois Forestry Association
Solomon Earns Award for Dedication to Forestry
The Northwest Illinois Forestry Association (NIFA) presented the Forestry Pioneer Award to Stanley “Jay” Solomon, University of Illinois Extension Natural Resources, Environment and Energy Educator at the annual meeting in March. This award recognizes individuals who have been leaders in...


Making Maple Syrup - A Basic Introduction

This video gives a basic overview of all of the steps involved in making maple syrup as we walk through the maple syrup production process at the Dixon Springs Agricultural Center in southern Illinois.

Interested in making maple syrup? The Dixon Springs Agricultural Center in southern...