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Trillium: Good things come in threes group of white trillium blooming on woodland floor
Read article: Trillium: Good things come in threes
Trillium: Good things come in threes
In my last blog post, I shared my affection for bloodroot and boldly claimed that “among the myriad of spring blooms, few thrill me as much as...
Read article: U.S. Native Tree Checklist
U.S. Native Tree Checklist
Across the United States, our urban and natural forest ecosystems support a wide range of both flora and fauna. Trees are certainly the center of...
Urban Forest: Not a contradiction but a critical resource overhead photo of a community with low residential buildings and many trees blue sky with a few white clouds
Read article: Urban Forest: Not a contradiction, a critical resource
Urban Forest: Not a contradiction, a critical resource
By definition, a forest is a large area of land covered with trees and understory growth. Traditionally, these parcels of land are often imagined as...
Bald cypress tree
Read article: One tough tree: Bald cypress
One tough tree: Bald cypress
Lessons learned: Bald cypress is a tree to know Don’t you wish you knew then what you know now? Speaking from experience, when I first began...

News Releases

A gloved hand holds open a bat wing up to the light
ACES expert: Bats take spotlight during Bat Week
URBANA, Ill. — Bats come out of the shadows during Bat Week, Oct. 24-31, an international awareness campaign that aims to educate the public about bat conservation in the week leading up to Halloween. University of Illinois Urbana...
green acorns on an oak branch
Tree identification workshop highlights importance of Illinois' native oaks
URBANA, Ill. — Illinois is home to 21 different native oak species whose populations provide habitat and food for wildlife, support biodiverse ecosystems, contribute to improved air and water quality, and provide residential shade benefits that help to reduce energy use. Gain a better...
A redbud tree in full bloom
Master Naturalists kick off native sale
URBANA, Ill — The East Central Illinois Master Naturalists are once again hosting their Native Tree and Shrub Sale. The ordering period will be open from September 5th through October 13 or as supplies last...
An Indiana Bat with a metal band on its wing
Illinois landowners can support bats with backyard trees, forests
URBANA, Ill. — Fluttering overhead at night, quiet except for their squeaks, bats can be easily overlooked, but these small mammals play a big role in the ecosystem. Bats are also at risk. Illinois is home to 13 species of bats, and more than half of them are listed as endangered, threatened by...


History of Forest Pest Outbreaks in North America

North America has a history of exotic pests that extirpate individual tree species, with Emerald Ash Borer serving as our modern example. In our current, ever-globalizing society there is significant risk for future outbreaks that may impact all of our trees from the urban forest to our...