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suburban house with small trees landscaped around it
Read article: Remember summer care for your trees
Remember summer care for your trees
Welcome to summer! The heat, periodic drought, and summer storms can really take a toll on your trees. Here are some tips on how you can help your...
Norway maple leaves
Read article: Norway Maple Woes: Why it’s on my Do Not Plant list
Norway Maple Woes: Why it’s on my Do Not Plant list
We are stuck with the trees planted by those who came before us. At least I am at my house. Mostly because they are so expensive to cut down. One...
Periodical cicadas are what? Adult periodical cicadas resting on a hazelnut bush
Read article: Periodical cicadas are here…now what?
Periodical cicadas are here…now what?
The long wait is finally over! After spending 13 (or 17, depending on where you’re at) years underground feeding from roots, periodical cicadas have...
Mental health benefits found among the trees woman with hat sitting on rock outcrop looking over
Read article: Mental health benefits found among the trees
Mental health benefits found among the trees
As May flowers begin to bloom and we celebrate the arrival of spring, we also turn our attention to Mental Health Awareness Month, a crucial period...

News Releases

Take care of your trees with summer Forestry Stewardship Series
URBANA, Ill. — Illinois has 4.8 million acres of tree-covered land. From shading homes and feeding wildlife to producing oxygen and filtering water, trees do a lot of heavy lifting. Give them a hand by discovering innovative, research-based management options in the summer Forestry...
a group of people stand in a circle in a field surrounded by trees listening to someone speak from the back of a truck
Growing Extension forestry team speaks for the trees
URBANA, Ill. — Oaks, elms, hickories, and other trees cover Illinois in a tapestry of forests and woodlands that shade homes and parks, shelter and feed wildlife, produce oxygen, and stabilize soil. Trees once covered more than a third of Illinois, but now that number is halved and disease,...
A tree buried by grade change during construction causing a hole around it.
Protect trees and their roots during construction projects
URBANA, Ill. — While essential for development, construction projects often damage trees and their intricate root systems. Even the beautiful trees that are sitting on a site and desired to be kept following construction can become damaged and later experience decline....


Be Safe When Trimming Trees Near Power Lines

Trees and power lines often find themselves mingling together causing safety concerns and requiring a utility’s attention. Oftentimes people aren’t happy about what has to happen next. From funny shaped trees to proper trimming techniques to picking out the right tree to plant around lines, this...