Income Statements - Measuring Profitability: Farming Financial Literacy


Income Statements - Measuring Profitability | Farming Financial Literacy Series
Annie's project empowers women in agriculture to be successful through…

Multi County 4-H Public Presentations Contest and Demonstrations

County: White, Hamilton, Gallatin, Hardin, Pope, Saline
Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Pope, Saline and White Counties.

This unit-wide event is open to 4-H participants enrolled in Public Presentations and Demonstrations are open to enrolled Horticulture…

2023 Farm Bill, Climate, and Agriculture Policy | Climate Series

Do you know how climate is impacting the 2023 Farm Bill? 

Discussions are starting for the 2023 Farm Bill and the climate is likely to play a large role in the debate. Explore the key sections…

South Regional 4-H Horse Bowl/Hippology Contest

Demonstrate your knowledge of equine related subject matter in a competitive setting where attitudes of  friendliness and fairness prevail. The contest operates very similar to scholastic bowls at…

Composting Workshop

County: Jackson
Composting Workshop

Leftover food scraps? Don't toss them, compost them! Composting is beneficial for the environment as well as for you! Nutrient-rich soil can promote healthier plant growth and…

Plant Personalities Defined: Non-Native, Invasive and Aggressive

Explore the buzzwords for potentially problematic plants.

What’s in a name? We often hear terms like non-native, invasive, and aggressive used interchangeably — but they mean different things and…

Evaluating and Adjusting Cash Leases: Farming Financial Literacy

County: Franklin

Evaluating and Adjusting Cash Leases | Farming Financial Literacy Series
Annie's project empowers women in agriculture to be successful through…

Native Plants: Sequence of Blooms

Add native plants to your home landscape.

Native plants are essential components of a sustainable landscape, and many offer blooms to brighten any garden. Explore a selection of Illinois native…

Community Nights in the Garden

County: White

Community Nights at the Garden will be begin May 4th with a lesson on container gardening. Learn about the White County GIFT Garden and how you can have a successful container garden at home.…

Invasive Plants: Beyond Outlawed

Find alternatives for plants with troublesome tendencies.

Plants that display a specific set of criteria can land on regulated federal and state invasive plant lists — but not all that meet those…