Gardening Resources

Illinois Extension has a vast collection of resources addressing horticultural interests across Illinois. We recognize that home and commercial horticulturalists each have unique needs, so we've cultivated a set of resources designed to address their top concerns. These collections represent the topic areas where we usually get the most questions, but our expertise covers everything from trees to tomatoes to tulips. Contact one of our educators with your questions!

Man tends to a garden in the sunlight.
Good Growing

Read the Good Growing blog here.


Listen to the Good Growing podcast here.

Photo of a gardener harvesting onions.

Gardener's Corner Newsletter

Quarterly newsletter highlighting seasonal tips and tricks for gardeners.
Picture of a basket full of vegetables.

Vegetable Garden Resources

Growing your own food can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But there’s more to it than tossing some seeds in the ground. Whether it’s your first-year gardening or you’ve been growing for decades a gardener is always learning. Illinois Extension has done the research for you and presents these easy-to-understand steps for planting, harvesting, cooking, and preserving your garden's harvest.
Picture of orange flowers

Flower Gardening Resources

Explore information to help you choose and plant a beautiful flower garden.