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Health Equity Achieved Together

The Health Equity Achieved Together (HEAT) project focuses on increasing food access, improving diet quality and physical activity, and addressing barriers to healthy eating and active living in communities disproportionately affected by poverty. The HEAT team is working actively in Gallatin County, Cairo and surrounding food deserts to create a Mobile Food Pantry, expand access to healthy nutrient-dense foods in retail outlets, increase the frequency of mobile food distribution and create a supportive network of grocers, growers and local food producers.

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Photo of food being given from one person to another.

Find Food IL

Use the Find Food IL map to find places in your community offering free food or meals. You can also find stores and markets that accept SNAP/LINK or WIC coupons. Plus, see the DHS or WIC office nearest to you. Enter your zip code or city to get started.

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