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The duality of American pokeweed photo of bloom hanging in front of plant leaves

The duality of American pokeweed

Generally speaking, native plants are considered desirable since they support wildlife, can improve water quality while requiring less water themselves, are beautiful in the landscape, are generally more tolerant of climate conditions and soil types, and much more. However, from time to time a...
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Norway maple leaves

Norway Maple Woes: Why it’s on my Do Not Plant list

We are stuck with the trees planted by those who came before us. At least I am at my house. Mostly because they are so expensive to cut down. One species I am left dealing with is Norway maple (Acer platinoides).Am I referring to the maple with purple leaves? Yes, that maple. The original...
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Why are there holes in my roses? Roseslugs. Roseslug larva feeding on the leaf of a rose.

Why are there holes in my roses? Roseslugs

Roses are grown in many gardens for their large, showy, often fragrant flowers. If you grow roses, you may have noticed something eating the leaves of your plants, causing them to become unsightly. While Japanese beetles often get much of the blame during the summer months, they aren’t the only...
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Identifying danger: toxic plants that look like carrots image of yellow blooms of wild parsnip

Identifying danger: toxic plants that look like carrots

The other day, I had the opportunity to chaperone a school group at a local state park. While on the field trip, a volunteer-led the students on a nature hike through the woodlands. At one point during the hike, the group leader grabbed a handful of two plants to share with the students but in...
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Periodical cicadas are what? Adult periodical cicadas resting on a hazelnut bush

Periodical cicadas are here…now what?

The long wait is finally over! After spending 13 (or 17, depending on where you’re at) years underground feeding from roots, periodical cicadas have started to emerge (at least in central and southern Illinois). Soon, many places will be awash in cicadas. While this mass emergence may seem...
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