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Take Your Love of Gardening to the Next Level

Master Gardener Annual Impact Report

Illinois Extension Master Gardeners invest their time and talents in local Illinois communities to grow food, support pollinators, sustain resilient home gardens, and share their knowledge with others.
Recent News
Yellow and grey Cedar waxwing bird in an evergreen.
Bring birds close to home by gardening for feathered friends
URBANA, Ill. — People plant gardens for food, flowers, and function, but planting for the birds can be beautiful and beneficial to the environment. What if instead of storebought bird seed in a feeder, gardens could include a buffet of different foods for birds while also being a beautiful...
Blooming goldenrod on a hot summer day.
To survive the summer heat, choose plants built for the sizzle
URBANA, Ill. — Summer can be a scorcher, but by selecting the right plants, a landscape can still look sultry all summer long.Both trialed and native plants can tolerate the heat. Trial plants are evaluated throughout the season for heat tolerance and can be planted in the ground or...
Take care of your trees with summer Forestry Stewardship Series
URBANA, Ill. — Illinois has 4.8 million acres of tree-covered land. From shading homes and feeding wildlife to producing oxygen and filtering water, trees do a lot of heavy lifting. Give them a hand by discovering innovative, research-based management options in the summer Forestry...

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